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Power Pylon Insulated Digging Spade

Classic Solid Fibreglass Shaft


Catalogue Code: PTS03PY/O
BR/NR Catalogue Code: URLT/014481
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Old Catalogue Code: GS14PD/PC/IT/O
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The POWER PYLON socket introduces a totally new concept in digging tools, creating lighter weight tools than standard versions.

The moulded, fibreglass-reinforced POWER PYLON socket joining the shaft to the blade is electrically non-conductive and is fitted directly to the blade, removing the need for the traditional necked metal socket, thus making the tool lighter and better balancing the strength of the shaft to that of the blade.

JAFCO INSULATED POWER PYLON CLASSIC tools have solid orange fibreglass shafts and PYD grips.

JAFCO INSULATED POWER PYLON CLASSIC tools conform to BS 3388:2004 and are electrically tested to the requirements of BS 8020:2011, and are suitable for use on electrified and non-electrified track.

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Weight 2.14 kg

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