Jafco fully recommend downloading our full product guide pdf or our new 2022 rail catalogue pdf which have been produced to closely tie in with our E-commerce website.

The Jafco Insulated Tools Product Guide contains:

  • Details of our latest product ranges
  • An accurate guide to our Standards Conformity
  • Our testing procedures
  • A full tool components guide including shovel and spade heads
  • Our full range of Rail Track, Highways & Infrastructure, plus Fire and Rescue tools
  • The Jafco Continuous Development Policy
  • Double click the last rail catalogue image (left) to view as a 'Flipbook' 
  • Or double click the images above to download a .pdf version
Jafco J25 Safety Work Boot
Jafco J40 Safety Work Boot
Fast Clip Extraction
Fast Clip Installation
Japanese Cant Hooks
Box Tee Spanners
Rail Turning Bars
Spike Extractors
Keying Hammers
Patrolman's FishBolt Spanners
Switch Ratchet Drives
Ratchet Spanners